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Why Recommend TCB for Your Law Firm

Technological advancement has thrown a massive milestone in the development and revolution of business enterprises. From big companies down to individual users, all have benefited greatly from the incorporation of the latest technology software and IT services in the way they run their businesses. Whether you’ve been in the industry or starting out, modernizing your legal practice is a top factor in determining how far you’ll go as it streamlines your work operations. Law practice management software ensures you deliver top quality services to clients while saving on time and resources.

You could be using  several different business softwares,  such as ERP systems and databases, which could lead to issues such as data siloing and redundancy, which could then lead to poor productivity and increased production costs. To curb this, you need to introduce Business Systems Integrations.

TCB is a leading IT solution and computer hardware established in 1993 and headquartered in Virginia. They develop APIs and custom applications that ensure different business applications and sub-systems can communicate seamlessly with each other.

How your Law Firm Benefits from the Integrated Systems

Development of the TCB Incorporation

It eliminates redundancy and avoids unreliable solutions to problems that end up on time wastage. Hence your IT team will spend less time diagnosing compatibility issues leading to lower operational costs.

Also, Systems Integrations reduces manual data entry into a myriad of software applications. With this, all applications will easily communicate with each other, leading to more productivity.

Lastly, with effortless communication between different software platforms, fewer errors are likely to occur, leading to higher accuracy in data input as opposed to manual data inputs due to human errors.

A Real-Life Case Scenario of Business Integration

Let’s assume that you’re part of a law firm that happens to have a sales team and customer service section. The customer service team uses a totally different system from the one with the sales team. The two will work independently, and data can’t be shared between the two personas seamlessly. Unless they all work together and share the information manually, customer data can’t be integrated into one database.


Implementing business integration using the APIs and efficient data transfer tools will help in smooth communication between the Sales ERP systems and the system used by the Customer Service Department. This will create centralized and unified storage for customer information.

Final Results

The Sales Department will gain easy access to customer information from the Customer Service Team, which will enable them to get familiar with the problems the customers are facing and come up with solutions that will help the company win more customers. Also, the Customer Support Team will be able to access information about the previous sales made together with other information that will help them handle customer queries better.

Elimination of manual data entry will also reduce greatly on overhead costs and promote efficiency in both departments and the company as a whole.

As witnessed above, our key objective will be to build custom APIs that will help in integrating various subsystems within your law firm and other related departments that will centralize your clients and other useful data.

If you’re planning to have a reliable business integration system and have no idea where to start, TCB is at your service. Give us a call or visit our website at for more information.