How TCB can offer discounts to your Microsoft Office Subscriptions


TCB Discount Offers on your Microsoft Subscriptions

Technology has become our day to day theme of life. People of all ages have embraced technology in a way that has transformed our world to be digital. By leaving old ways of doing things and marrying the digital way of doing the same things in better and efficient ways, we have tremendously moved our world in the right direction. Those that have not embraced the digital way of living are finding it steep to catch up. From small business enterprises to large companies, incorporating technology in their way of doing things, they have reaped much and made such ventures stand out from the rest who are yet to adopt.

A lot of IT companies have jumped in the loop, offering their mouthwatering IT services and new software every day. One of the leading companies is Microsoft Corporation, which provides a variety of IT services such as Microsoft Office, which we’ll take a look at.

What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a collection of desktop applications that are designed to be explicitly used in the office in a business set up. Microsoft Office is very invaluable, and it’s available in 35 different languages, and also it is supported by Windows, Mac, and most Linux variants. Microsoft Office suite consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and a few other applications. Each of these applications is different and tailored to carry out a specific task within the firm.

Microsoft Office subscription and TCB technology

Microsoft Corporation offers its Microsoft Office suite in a yearly subscription or by buying the whole collection at once. A subscription fee for Office 365 for installation on your personal computer or Mac and even to your phone is $70 per year. A subscription to Office 365 Home is $100 per year; this Office 365 Home will include Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. This is for installation on up to five Personal Computers or Macs and five phones. This subscription can sometimes be enormous, and with ways to maximize it can lift a little burden. This is where TCB comes in your rescue.

At TCB we provide varieties of IT services which are made possible with the help and support of our computer specialists and consultants who ensure that our services are top class and your needs are met cost-effectively.

TCB develops APIs and custom applications that ensure different business applications, and subsystems can communicate with each other quite remarkably. With TCB technology, your organization’s business systems, such as ERP’s, CRMs, databases, and applications, can reach out to one another in a  fashion.

If your systems can reach out to one another, it means they can share resources and exchange of data. One subscription of Microsoft office can at most connect five PCs/Macs. We introduce TCB APIs and custom applications, and each PC can now communicate with one another. This will lower the cost of subscriptions, and this will give your company an edge to utilize your yearly subscription. As illustrated by the stock captions here, you are absolutely certain connecting your systems with TCB technology your firm is in able hands.

Now, if you have different systems in your organization and you are finding subscriptions fee quite high, integrated systems will be your escape route, and TCB has an answer to that.