How TCB Helps in Solving Cyber Security Staffing Shortage in Government Offices

Cyber security

Cybersecurity incidents in the government are on the rise. The cyberattacks have not spared businesses either. Every country all over the world recognizes the glaring need for a stronger defense strategy for your business. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough IT personnel to satisfy this growing need. Furthermore, a study carried out by intel security and CSIS shows that about 82% of IT personnel are short in cybersecurity skills.

IT Infrastructure

The worst part is that the problem extends beyond lacking cybersecurity personnel to handle the tasks. You have probably seen in the news how cybersecurity incidents are raising havoc in such underprepared and under-protected sectors and organizations. Well, lack of skilled IT geeks makes the organizations a suitable target for the hackers. Insufficient cybersecurity employees have led to the loss of critical sectoral data as a result of cyberattacks.

How can the government address this issue? Are the governments stuck in limbo and should wait for the birth of Cybersecurity professionals with the right skill set? What about the businesses that might take longer to afford the services? Should they await their fall just because they will not be able to pay for such services? The good news is that there is an alternative solution. Even better, it is affordable.

How will Integrated Systems Help Your Business?

TBC Inc steps up to help any organization or even the government to avoid potential security breaches. It also eliminates the need to outsource, thus leaving more control to the organization. It secures both your internal and external networks.

A cyber attack can be severe, depending on whether or not you have backed up the lost files. In case you had a backup, then recovery will be effortless. With, you will enjoy an affordable, fully managed backup. Besides, the system has a reputation for offering superior backup solutions.

A case scenario of a real-life Solving Cyber Security Staffing Shortage in Government Offices

An IT staff may be relentlessly weeding through the potential cybersecurity incidents that may occur. Unfortunately, one of the threats that are harmful slips through and harms the government’s critical data. The cause of the incidence isn’t necessarily because the company failed to monitor potential threats. However, it didn’t have the necessary tools to eliminate and solve the incidents that required attention. As a result, the event hit big.

What is the Solution?

You can prevent the occurrence of such incidence through the implementation of an automated incident response technology. TBC Inc can make a huge difference in enhancing cybersecurity. Besides, it identifies the potential cyber threat and eliminates it without compromising the organization’s critical data.

What are the Results?

TBC can help in strengthening the defense line in any organization. It also helps in mitigating damages in the event of the occurrence of cybersecurity incidences. Thus, it guarantees 24/7 protection without the need to outsource the work. Because TBC understands that running an organization can be overwhelming, you can consult with their experts regarding any issue.