How TCB’s outsourced IT complements and helps your existing IT team? A partnership that works.

Outsourcing vs Insourcing

As your business grows with the incorporation of new technologies, your in-house IT team may find it overwhelming keeping up with the ever-increasing work demands. Chances are that your team will be overstretched and worn out as they try to juggle additional workload with their day-to-day IT tasks. Moreover, a shortfall in the right skill set may set them back and prevent them from efficiently executing their roles. These factors will eventually cause business bottlenecks, which will negatively impact your business operations.

As a business owner, you may be faced with the prospect of hiring more IT personnel to plug the glaring shortfall of skills and staff. However, the undesired effect of this decision will be the increase in running costs associated with recruitment, training, and even a high turnover of employees. Outsourcing comes out as the best solution to this impasse. Outsourcing is a standard business practice that involves handing over part of your business operations – which could be done internally – to a third-party provider. In this case, your business may find it a viable idea to outsource some services to an IT Managed Services provider who will handle more complex IT operations for which there is a skills shortage. Also, this can address the issue of the overstretched workforce in the case of an understaffed IT department. This will not replace your existing IT team but will merely support a function of your IT needs.

At TCB, we aim at delivering cutting-edge managed IT outsource solutions that will streamline IT operations and complement your IT workforce, enabling them to execute their tasks more efficiently.

What do we intend to achieve?

1. Better workload management

Picture a scenario where your IT support department has only two staff serving 100 employees. Any workday for them is a difficult moment as they scurry up and down, resolving various issues. If the new infrastructure is added, such as new servers, printers, and other pieces of hardware and software, the workload will significantly rise, resulting in burnout and increased employee stress. To address this problem, your business can outsource our highly skilled IT support workforce to take up the additional workload and free up your in-house team to handle their regular IT support tasks. This will boost efficiency, staff productivity, and eliminate any business bottlenecks.

2. Plug the skills gap in the IT support department

Technology evolves at a rapid rate, and getting qualified personnel with the right mix of skills is not always a walk in the path. But worry not, our highly skilled experts will take up the most demanding IT processes: from cloud storage, backups, security, software installation, and integration to real-time monitoring of essential IT services. This will ensure that your business stays on top of the game and keeps up with the best industry practices. The in-house IT team can provide extra support where needed and also pick some crucial skills along the way. The synergy created will lead to a better workforce that can resolve issues in the shortest time and a more creative manner.


Technological advancements have changed the way businesses operate, and often, the IT team may require a boost from an outsourced Managed Service Provider. This does not mean getting rid of your loyal and hardworking staff; instead, this will free up some of their time to concentrate on other business aspects while the outsourced team takes on complex and more demanding roles that require specialized skills to ensure the project is successfully completed on time and on budget.