How your business could be losing money on an inefficient IT department

How your business could be losing money on an inefficient IT department

You probably already know that inefficiency isn’t good for any company, but do you know how exactly it ends up costing the business? Every entrepreneur’s vision for their business is to make a profit and have things running smoothly. However, sometimes you may get caught up with other things and fail to notice that your company is hemorrhaging money. How does this occur?

Today, most businesses are facing the challenge of getting siloed and problems of operating business systems. They eventually hamper business processes. Yet, the companies continue to work the systems even though they may not be the right solution. Unfortunately, these companies try to repurpose the systems for use in a task that has plausible functionality for the entire operation. But it isn’t the appropriate tool for the job. For instance, imagine using your torch to crack a macadamia crazy, right? Well, sooner or later, these misapplications will eventually cause a serious problem. Below are pitfalls to having an inefficient IT department and how TCB Inc provides a way out.

1. Poor System Integration

Technology is an evolving subject that results in the birth of new systems and solutions daily. Each system requires several processes to make it to be a success. The problem arises when there’s no integration in the internal system.

Poor System Integration offers network integration and solutions. The goal of TCB is to provide reliability, speed, and efficiency. Once TCBinc installs the network for you, your business will immediately start to enjoy the benefits of LAN or WAN. It streamlines processes so that your staff will not have to shift between disparate information sources, which will eventually affect their productivity.

2. Lose Information

They say information is power. Thus the loss of your data during a cybersecurity event can negatively impact your business. Besides, if the hackers steal and personify your customers, it may result in a crashed reputation and loss of clients.

TCB Inc understands how crucial business data is to the business operation. That is why the affordable system offers fully managed, superior back-up solutions with a spotless reputation.

3. Over communicating

If you were to monitor closely, you would notice that your business receives so many spam emails. Without the right tools to help your employees filter relevant information from junk, they will end up wasting a lot of time on irrelevant replies. offers spam filtering. You must identify and protect your business against web-based threats.

A Case Scenario of a Real-life Business Integration Example

Businesses use emails as a standard communication channel. The company will receive numerous emails from suppliers, clients, and other business clients. Unfortunately, hackers also use the platform to access your computer and its data. They will send you an email that will look enticing and will require you to download an attachment that has more information. Unknown to you, you will download the file, and they will have access to every business data you will be sending.

The solution?

The business needs to integrate a system that ties together various disparate platforms. They should also install a system such as TCB to help in spam filtering. That way, it will minimize the chances of cyber attack occurrence.

The results?

The employees’ productivity will significantly increase. That is because they will no longer spend hours reading and replying to all emails. Instead, they will only concentrate on important mails.

Also, spam filtering will ensure that the chances of a hacker using emails to access your computer are slim.