Who is a CTO?

A Chief Technology Officer, or CTO for short, is a C-Suite executive who sits at the corporate table and is tasked with overseeing the company’s technological architecture, planning, and making the right decisions to help your business grow and avoid making costly mistakes. A CTO’s primary responsibilities are broadly categorized into three main roles.

1. Planning

To ensure a company’s success, the CTO should be able to think ahead and carefully determine how future technology trends are likely to impact the company’s operation. With enough foresight, he’s able to strategically position the business to benefit from the latest technology and stay ahead of cutthroat competition in the market. How well a company will be ready to embrace innovation will determine how it will stay afloat and stay ahead of its competitors.

2. Overseeing the IT infrastructure

It may seem an obvious task, but the health of your company primarily rides on your IT infrastructure.  Whether it’s ensuring that your network is secure or that all your systems are patched, the CTO should guarantee the overall well-being of your company’s infrastructure. He can involve the network and system administrators who will directly report to him and fill him in case of any eventualities. Ultimately, the buck stops with him because he commands the highest position in the IT department.

3. Act as a bridge between management and the technical team

Apart from having an executive position in the boardroom, the CTO commands years of technical skills and experience. He, therefore, is the best-placed person to act as a bridge between the room and the deep technical aspects of the IT world. He’s the go-to expert who explains to the company executive the technical elements in a simple yet effective way and also acts as an advisor on the latest innovations that the company can adopt and the pitfalls to avoid when making these decisions.

It’s no doubt that a CTO is an expert in the driver’s seat of any company’s technological needs and ambitions. Sadly, despite the numerous benefits of having such an expert having his finger on your company’s IT pulse, many small companies steer clear of hiring one. Justifiably so, because hiring a CTO is quite costly. According to PayScale, the average salary of a CTO is a whopping $159,000. For many startups, this is way out of their financial reach, leaving only large corporates with enormous budgets to hire one.

As a business owner of a startup with limited financial ability, you may not be in a position to bring on board a CTO.  But as your business grows, having such an expert is highly recommended and quintessential in steering your company’s technological vision and realizing your goals.  Even a small company needs a leader who will be in charge of research and development and give sound advice that will ultimately contribute to the success of the company.

At TCB, we understand that business can sometimes be overwhelming; that’s why we offer expert consulting on a range of issues.  Whether you’re looking into establishing a help desk, appropriately staffing your IT department, or thinking ahead with disaster planning and/or recovery, we can offer you a sure-fire solution.  Our knowledgeable advisers will provide you with consulting that will make any IT-related project a breeze.

Our areas of expertise are

  • Technical projects
  • Network builds, migrations, and upgrades
  • Disaster planning and recovery services
  • Enterprise system design and consulting
  • Technical project management
  • Architecture and design
  • Help desk (in-house and outsourced)

Not convinced?

We have effectively implemented IT project solutions for thousands of clients.  Our method is flexible and reliable, designed to cohere to nearly any project and situation you can come up with.  Our thorough project management process handles everything, including:

  • Assigned technical project manager
  • Pre-Implementation technical review
  • Installation check-points
  • Documentation
  • Best practices
  • Client verification and acceptance

We’ve done it before…

We’ve dealt with literally everything that can be attached to a network.  That means we can install, configure, and fix anything network-related, including:

  • Microsoft Exchange and Directory Services
  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • Virtualization
  • Advanced security solutions
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Server farms


Dealing with TCB means dealing with certified professionals.  In order for our technical consultants to pass our (extremely difficult and comprehensive) training process, they must be incredibly proficient in every IT area and also display customer service propensity.  The consultants assigned to assist you will be experienced and more than qualified to assess your project and implement the best possible solution.