Years of accumulated experience have afforded us the ability to evaluate a company’s IT quickly and comprehensively.  We can examine all your critical software/hardware areas, compare them against proven systems, and provide you with a clear path to improving your business’s IT in a thorough yet timely manner.
You’ll be provided with a detailed Information Technology Assessment (ITA) report that will give you an idea of your current system’s effectiveness.  For any areas needing improvement, we’ll provide you with careful, detailed suggestions that will be ranked in order by priority.

And your grade is…

At TCB, we use a grading system that accurately measures every critical function of your IT and then compiles the results into a series of straight-forward graphs.  These results will grant you invaluable perspective into which IT areas are working well and which ones need improvement.  The combined score of each section reveals your Network Health Index, which over time can be used to objectively track the enhancements we can offer your network infrastructure.

Based upon what?

Our grading system examines these IT areas:
  • Technology Management — including planning, support and documentation
  • Network Topology — including design, cable plant and Internet connectivity
  • Network Security — including firewall, perimeter, physical and wireless security
  • Server Infrastructure — including hardware, operating systems and storage
  • Network Services — including directory services, administrative policies, remote access & redundancy
  • Network Applications — including communication, collaboration and financial management

What actually happens…

Our ITA service is a comprehensive, multi-step process which includes:
  • On-site consultation
  • On-site data collection
  • Report preparation (including an executive summary with your specific Network Health Index, data analysis, best practices, recommendations and budgetary information)
  • Presentation meeting