How Government Contractors are losing Money on IT

How Government Contractors are losing Money on IT

Government Contractors all over the world have embraced Information Technology to be abreast of new ways of transacting seamlessly. Many contractors are using cloud solutions to store their whole data, from subcontractor financials to accounting ledgers, to contract change orders. However, most of them don’t have robust data security in place, leading to the loss of money in liabilities and missed opportunities.

For any contract, there might be a lot of people and devices requesting, transmitting, and manipulating the stored data. It is easy for a mischievous worker to copy data to a flash drive or even upload corrupted data to the cloud. As a contractor, your data points should get the utmost data security attention since they reveal your competitiveness.

How TCB services can save your company money

Network and Cyber Security is one of the core services that TCB Inc. provides to save contractors from losing money in IT gaps. It is our business to secure your network by overseeing and protecting any operations being carried on. We will help you adopt sound practices and policies that will monitor and prevent unauthorized misuse, access, modification, or denial of network-accessible resources.

First, our certified consultants will assess your network to determine any spot that is vulnerable to security threats such as hacking, viruses, and intrusion. We will outline any external or internal vulnerabilities and work with you to put in place protective measures.

Network and Cyber Security

We don’t stop there since we know that employees can be both a blessing and a curse. Our personnel provides desktop software that tracks documents and record activities on the screen. We ensure complete transparency in the software, and only the person who has a unique combination of the required keys will be able to access the software.

A case scenario of a real-life cybersecurity implementation

A major government defense contractor was unable to understand the barrage of cyber threats it was receiving. Even the endpoint firewall, their last line of defense, not only failed to prevent the dangers but also could not reveal what was being attacked. They needed urgent help to make sense of these foreign threats and deal with them.


Consultants from our company carried out a one-stop assessment of the contractor’s network. They installed sophisticated software on all desktops and devices. Within no time, the company got instant answers, and we closed the investigations. With our software, we quickly searched the IP address of the infected machines, narrow the time slice, and focused deep into the payload to determine the exact incident.


We were able to eliminate 75% of incident resolution time required by the government contractor to answer critical questions. Instead of 30 workforce hours, the contractor needed only less than four hours to be good.

By employing our assessment and software, the contractor management also got an insight into activities within the network. They realized how easy an employee could send himself the HR data, source data, or cripple the whole security setup of the company.